Wordplay on “dextrose”. The dextrorotatory form of glucose, a monosaccharide, d-glucose monohydrate; found naturally in animal and plant tissue. Used chiefly as a fluid and nutrient replenisher. Also a key ingredient in quality gelato making.



Instead of freezing our gelati in industrial style churners, we use liquid nitrogen as a coolant to rapidly freeze the liquid gelato base once you’ve made your order.


Using liquid nitrogen to freeze our gelato gives us several benefits. It allows us to serve the gelato at a warmer temperature, thus maintaining the flavour profile while using less sugar, resulting in a more robust and wholesome flavour.

Not having to display our gelati in a display case also allows us to play with some interesting ingredients, which would otherwise freeze hard, to create new exciting flavours.

The rapid freezing caused by the liquid nitrogen also allows the ice crystals created to be really tiny, and this enhances the creamy texture of not just the gelato, but also the non-dairy based sorbets.

Because it looks soo coool! Now you not only get great tasting gelato, you also get to be entertained while watching the uber cool freezing process. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! (Hint: Also makes a great first date venue)


Here at Dex2rose, we try to do things differently, break
the mould, deviate from traditions. In order to create and discover new frontiers, you must first venture off the beaten path and blaze a new trail. So we break traditions and make gelato using liquid nitrogen to achieve that oh-so-lusciously-creamy mouth feel. And we make it before your eyes because we believe dessert is not just for the tastebuds, but also for your eyes.

We like cafes. We like gelato. We love to be different. We also don’t believe in the whole in-and-out idea of other gelaterias. We want you to come in and hang out with your friends, and with us. Put all these together and you get a liquid nitrogen gelateria that has great coffee and
great atmosphere.

We guarantee you’ll find products and flavours here not seen elsewhere. Some of them are so different, yet so good; we’re surprised it’s not been done before.

Words cannot do justice to what we built just for you. So come on down to Dex2rose, and let us make magic before your eyes.




Containing up to 67% less acidity than hot brewed coffee, cold brewed coffee is naturally sweeter and more intense without the bitter acids and fatty oils. Best enjoyed neat over ice, but feel free to add milk (ask us for some!) and/or sugar syrup.



Cold brewed coffee that’s out of a beer tap. Charged with nitrogen, Nitro Brew comes with a creamy head of foam that locks in the wholesome flavour, and a whole new mouth feel. Try it to believe it. Best enjoyed neat, but feel free to add milk (ask us for some!) and/or sugar syrup. Alternatively, pair this with one of our gelati for the ultimate treat!

See in-store for today’s flavours.

S-6.95   R-7.95  


NON-ALCOHOLIC fruit-based sparkling ciders charged with carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas out of a beer tap. Nitro Cider is clean, fizzy and refreshing. Pair this with one of our sorbets for the ultimate treat!

See in-store for today’s flavours.

S-6.95   R-7.95  


At Dex2rose, our coffee is chosen to compliment our gelati and is used across our range of espresso based and cold brewed drinks.

We use a dark roasted blend of Tanzanian, Peruvian, & Mexican origins, featuring a full, velvety smooth and rich body, crisp acidity, aromatic notes of floral and chestnut, with a nutty finish.

Certified Fairtrade and organic.



Macs • Blacks • Capp • Latte • Flat White • Chai

S-3.3   R-3.8  

T2 Tea • French Earl Grey • Melbourne Breakfast • Gorgeous Geisha • Camomile


Extra shot • Soy


Salted Caramel Latte

S-4.0   R-4.5  

Matcha Latte

S-3.8   R-4.3  

Hot Chocolate w/ home-made marshmallow

Made with our special in-house blend of Belgian crafted chocolate containing at least 51% pure cocoa, our lightly spiced hot chocolate is sure to warm you right up.

S-5.5   R-6.0  

Premium Mocha w/ home-made marshmallow

S-5.5   R-6.0  

‘MIST IN THE WOODS’ – Hot Chocolate Set

Featuring our own in-house blend of lightly spiced hot chocolate, this decadent set comes with salted caramel gelato, raspberry drupelets, and toast-at-your-table home-made marshmallows.


For the sake of the environment, we only use reusable bottles and they remain the property of Dex2rose. If you really like our bottles, they are available for purchase.


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We probably have enough unique flavours lined up for a very looong time, but hey, if you wanna see your flavour up here (maybe!), feel free to drop us an email or talk to us on social media.






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Fri, Sat, Eve of P.H 1pm – 11pm



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